Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Let the Party Begin!!!

We arrived at Alpharetta Athletic Club at the start of cocktail hour.  Our wedding party was waiting on us so we headed out to take some fun pictures on golf carts.
As cocktail hour wrapped up, it was time for our introduction.  Although we didn't get to see them, our wedding party put on their best dance moves for their entrances and we loved seeing the video of it!  After getting introduced it was time for one of the most memorable moments of the day, our first dance.  Joe and I both have incredibly talented best friends who can play the guitar and sing.  We had asked them if they would perform our first dance song, and they did an amazing job.  We danced to Hey Pretty Girl by Kip Moore and Courtney and Andy really were flawless.  After our dance finished up, I danced to half of Brown Eyed Girl with my Dad for the father daughter dance, and Joe danced to My Wish by Rascal Flatts.  We finished up the dances and sat down to eat.  A family member of Joe's did our blessing and we were so touched by the effort he had put into saying the prayer.  After the prayer, I finally got to look around at our venue, and the Cherry had done an amazing job.

We had asked them to help us with centerpieces and  flowers to help us save some money, so they had worked tirelessly on our wedding flowers and centerpieces for months!  They collected wine bottles and spray painted them and this took over their whole house!  They picked up all the flowers on their own and we could not have been more grateful and pleased with the way it turned out (plus it saved us a lot of money!)  Joe and my dinner was already plated so we sat down to eat while other tables were called up.  We had asked everyone to write up a note on a card and place it in a wine bottle on their table to be opened on our anniversaries.  This kept them entertained, but we had forgotten to set out pen (oops)!  We are so excited to read them as our anniversaries come up and make our guest book out of all of the notes.

The food we had was absolutely amazing and we made great choices.  After all the tables had been called up, it was time for the speeches.  We had asked my sister and dad as well as Joe's brother, dad, and best friend to do speeches.  Each and every speech was so heartfelt and funny.  We flip through all of our pictures of the speeches and Joe and I are laughing the whole entire time. We are so blessed to have such amazing examples of love in our lives.  After the speeches it was time to dance!
The remainder of the evening was spent dancing the night away with our friends.  The dance floor was packed and our DJ was amazing (http://www.sifient.com/).  We took a break to do the cake cutting.  Nicole, one of Joe's good friends, had made our wedding cake and the amount of detail she put into it was amazing!  The cake cutting was entertaining and Joe smashed the cake all over my face, but not to worry I got him back.  The cake was amazing!  We had a layer of chocolate and peanut butter, a cookies and cream layer, and a white chocolate raspberry layer.  We kept the top to freeze for a year, but the remainder of the cake was delicious!  The evening drew to a close and we ended the reception around 10:15.  Before we knew it, the day had come to a close and we were quite ready to be in our quite little hotel room where we were welcomed with champagne and strawberries.
GT Grads!
Proud Uncle
The Wreck!
I think we need a bigger dance floor...
Looking back, the day was perfect. We really didn't have much go wrong, and the love and support we had from our friends was amazing.  I wouldn't have wanted the day to be any different, but it was a long and exhausting day.  We were happy to have a few days at home before the honeymoon.  Sunday morning we enjoyed breakfast with some family and friends, and then I spent some time with my family from Europe.  We ended the day opening wedding gifts and looking at some of the videos that my cousin had taken.  The weekend was perfect and one we will remember for the rest of our lives!

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