Sunday, October 12, 2014

St. Simons Island - Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend may have been a long time ago, but with work being crazy, travel being at an all time high, and life just being busy, the blogging has dropped off quite a bit.  We knew that summer was coming to an end as labor day weekend was approaching and didn't get to spend much time this summer at the beach.  We had some friends that were off of school, so we decided it was the perfect time to take an extended weekend enjoying the sun!  We hit the road on Thursday after everyone finished up work and started the drive in the direction of St. Simons.  We had booked a hotel along the way, so around midnight, we made our destination.  Kellie Ann and Reza were with us, so once we made it to the hotel, we went to sleep pretty quickly since we knew we wanted to hit the road pretty early on Friday.

Friday we got up and drove the remaining hour to St. Simons.  As soon as we got there, we hit the beach and met up with Duncan and Allie, who had stayed on St. Simon the previous night.  After enjoying some time at the pool, we finally got to check into our place.  We rented a beautiful place in Coast Cottages.  The place had 4 huge bedrooms, three stories, and a beautiful balcony, kitchen, and living room on the bottom floor.  That was plenty of room for the 8 of us! We also had private beach access, two beautiful pools, and bikes to go explore the island!
walkway to the beach
sunset from our rooftop
The weekend was the perfect weekend.  It was spent with wonderful company.  The mornings normally started with a beautiful bike ride.  We were lucky to have 6 bikes at the house so we would explore different areas of the island once we woke up.  After our bike ride, we would enjoy breakfast, then head to the pool.  The pool was beautiful, relaxing, and didn't require any work, so we would relax there until lunch time.  After lunch back at the house, we would set up at the beach for the remainder of the day.  We had brought a tent to make sure we didn't get too much sun, corn hole, soccer balls, and everything needed to entertain us.  The weather really was perfect all 4 of the days, and only started raining after we hit the road on Monday to head home after some time at the pool.  Once we had enough of the beach, we would pack up, stop for some more fun at the pool, and then head back to our house.
The Whole Crew!

Bike Crew!
As far as dinner went, we cooked two of the three nights.  One of the nights we made steak and chicken fajitas,and the other night we made a low country boil.  Both are super simple to make with a large group, don't take too much prep time, and everyone was happy!  The one night we went out to eat, we headed to Catch 228.  Joe and I had been there before, and knew it was amazing!  Needless to say, all of us got our fill of seafood! 
The trip was absolutely perfect and we couldn't have asked for better weather for our labor day weekend.  The company was great, the location was beautiful, and it was a much needed break from the real world.  After getting home, it was time to hit the ground running again and finish up the year at work.

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