Thursday, January 8, 2015

Holiday Season

Our first Christmas celebration was the WIKA Christmas party weekend which was so fun!  I always love seeing all of my coworkers and spouses outside of work!   We have a sales team Christmas party which is always fun since we never really get to see the spouses and the food is always fantastic.  The day after we have a corporate party which had just under 1000 attendants at Gwenette Arena which is always a blast!
To continue the holiday season for us, Joe and I hosted a tacky Christmas sweater party at our house.  This was the first time that we were having a large amount of people at our house so we were very excited for the evening!  We made several deserts, a vegetable platter, a cheese and meat platter, and three different dips (corn, spinach artichoke, and buffalo chicken).  We also made a Christmas Mojito which was amazing!  We loved seeing so many of our closest friends while enjoying great food, drink, and some beer pong on the rooftop in our festive home!
Sunday I headed home to spend some time with my family.  Sebastijan came home Monday morning, so he helped my mom clean the house.  Monday evening, Ana flew in early and surprised our parents so that we would all be home together for a little bit.  Tuesday evening Joe and Domen came up from Atlanta, so Tuesday night we had a big dinner and just enjoyed each other’s company.  Wednesday morning we woke up and put the Christmas tree together.  Then it was time for everyone to unwrap their gifts!  After gifts, we ate a bit of breakfast before starting our Christmas meal.  Joe and I had to head back to Atlanta around 1, so after some family pictures, we sat down for a wonderful meal fairly early.  We enjoyed country fried steak, mushrooms, potatoes, and salad.  After eating, Joe and I headed home to pack for Europe, then head to his parents’ house to enjoy a wonderful meal!   
We enjoyed some meats and cheeses first, then our second course was 7 fishes, where Joe and I made a dish and Matt made a dish!  There was a break after that, and then the 3rd course was prime rib with vegetables!  There was so much food and it was all amazing!  After we finished eating,  we relaxed for a bit then headed to midnight mass.  After mass it was bed time.  We woke up the next morning and opened presents before having an amazing brunch.  There was breakfast casserole, bagels and lox, fruit, and so much food!  After that we enjoyed family time before hitting the road to the airport.  Before we knew it, we were boarding a flight to Slovenia!

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