Sunday, November 17, 2013

Embracing Nature for A Weekend

This week was an exciting week traveling to Alabama and being able to drive on a trip instead of heading to the airport early Monday morning!  After coming back from Alabama Thursday afternoon, it was finally time to get our granite installed. Joe and I had been piecing together our downstairs bar in our living room and had put together a cabinet and bought the wine and beer fridges a while ago.  After that, it was time to pick our what top we wanted.  After looking at some places, we finally settled on a white marble with black specs in it to tie in all of the white furniture and then darker kitchen counter tops.  The installers arrived minutes after I got home, and were done literally in about 5 minutes!  It was so exciting seeing the counter tops finally go up because we had been waiting on them for quite some time!  We still have a lot to do with the bar and we have to lay a back splash, put up some shelves, and raise the fridges, but it is all slowly coming together. 

Thursday night was also the GT vs. Clemson game, so around 7, Joe and I headed to Deck and Kayla's house for dinner and game watching.  Although they live really close to us, it took us an hour to get there because we were stuck in the worst traffic ever!  Once we finally go there we enjoyed an amazing meal!  They made caprese skewers and pomegranate chicken pasta which was absolutely amazing!  Although the game didn't turn out the way we wanted (and I will admit that Clemson is definitely the better team), it was such a fun evening.

Before we knew it, the week was over and it was time to head up to the Blue Ridge Mountains to enjoy a weekend in a cabin with Joe's family.  We rode up with Joe's parents and enjoyed an amazing meal of coleslaw, brisket, brats, and so much more.  Joe's dad is an amazing cook so there is always so much food to eat and it is always amazing.  We headed to bed fairly early, since we knew we would be up the next morning.
After a relaxing Saturday morning, we enjoyed a French Toast Casserole and some meats for breakfast.  After breakfast Joe and I headed out for a walk that might not have been long, but was extremely hilly!  It was good to get out even though it wasn't the most amazing weather.  Once we got home, Matt and Kim made a realy good snack that was a ricotta honey spread, prosciutto, and cantaloup on top of toasted french bread.  It was an amazing combination of flavors! We then watched the beginning of the UGA vs. Auburn game and then had a wine and cheese tasting.  The tasting was put on by Joe's dad, Jim, and he was so knowledgeable about how wines are made, what to eat with them, what flavors we should taste, etc.   Although I am not a huge cheese person, it was really interesting tasting the wine and cheese flavors mix and I think we all definitely learned a lot!  Next time we might drink a bit slower but it was so fun.  We took a break after the wine and cheese to let it all sit before having round two of appetizers, grilled shrimp. After watching the end of an incredibly exciting game, it was dinner time.  For dinner, we had steaks, hash browns, and mushrooms which were all amazing (I told you we ate a lot)!  After dinner we went to the hot tub to relax for a bit and let the food set.  Then it was game time, and we all played Yahtzee.  Kim and I had never played so it was quite a learning experience but a very fun game! I may or may not have had beginners luck on my side, and I won!!!!  Below you will see how much I beat Joe by :)  After game time it was cake time to celebrate Jim's birthday.  I had made a cake from Southern Living that was a combination of Red Velvet Cake and Cheesecake with White Chocolate Icing and it was amazing (and huge).  After cake, we headed to bed after a fun day of eating and relaxing.

6 Wines...6 Cheeses :)

Sunday morning was another relaxing morning with a frittata and pork roll for  breakfast.  After getting the cabin packed up, we headed to an apple orchard  and explored the store before hitting the road and heading home. After getting home we relaxed for the remainder of the evening, and I am contemplating heading to the gym and swimming off some of the food form this weekend!  Although it wasn't beautiful weather, it was a very relaxing weekend with so much amazing food and great company!  Now, off to get ready to go to Florida for the week (and enjoy Disney behind the scenes to look at some gauges and transmitters :) )
Apple Orchards

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