Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thanksgiving Week

The fall season has come and gone in a blink of an eye and now we are coming onto our holiday season!  We have had such a busy fall with weekend getaways that the year has come to an end incredibly fast!  I am going to back track a little bit and cover some wonderful trips that we took.  We love going up to the mountains during the fall so we take any chance we can get to do so.  We always do a cabin weekend for my father in law's birthday in November, and this year it fell the weekend before Thanksgiving. After taking all Thanksgiving off and enjoying way too much food, we also decided to celebrate my birthday with some friends in a cabin in Blue Ridge (to be posted in the next post). 

For my father in laws birthday, we hit the road around 4 on Friday to make the drive up to the mountains.  The cabin was up in  Blue Ridge, and shortly after we arrived, Joe's parents and brother got to the cabin.  We relaxed and unpacked the car for a bit and then enjoyed some dinner.  Dinner was amazing ribs, brisket, cole slaw, and mac and cheese, prepared before we got to the cabin.  After dinner, it was time to cut the cake.  We enjoyed some cake, tea, and football before heading to the hot tub for a bit before bed time.
The recipe for the cake can be found here
The next morning we slept in and slowly got up.  Joe's mom made french toast and sausage while Joe got the fire going.  After breakfast, Joe and I went on a short hike before we got ready and headed to downtown Blue Ridge to explore.  After exploring the area, we enjoyed some hot chocolate before heading back to the cabin.  Once we got back, it was time for our 2nd annual wine tasting! We sampled 4 wines
After wine tasting we relaxed a bit before it was dinner time. Dinner was wonderful grilled steak, mashed potatoes, mushrooms, and I am sure more food.  It was all so good!  After dinner it was time for Yatzee.  Unfortunately I didn't win, but had such a fun time!  It was bed time before we knew it, so after some more hot tub time, we headed to bed!

The next morning we slowly got up and had waffles for breakfast, then hit the road.  Joe and I headed to Friendsgiving at Kristina's house which has become a tradition. We had made the stuffing to bring at the cabin, so we just warmed it up once we got to her house.  After enjoying friends and food, we headed home to enjoy Thanksgiving week!

I was off all week so life was good!  A lot of errands had to be run, and the house needed a good cleaning from top to bottom. We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving meal at the DiDias.  My parents drove down to Atlanta and my brother joined us.  It was so wonderful having the whole family together!  We enjoyed a fried turkey and a traditional one, lentils, potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, homemade bread, and so much more!  We also had an apple and chess pie for desert!
Kellie Ann and I got a hike in on Wednesday around Roswell Mill and didn't get lost.  
Joe and I picked up our tree from Pike and started the decorating process.
On Saturday we watched Georgia Tech football beat UGA in their rivalry game at Duncan's house after drinking our hearts fill of Mimosas and made sure all the dogs were wearing their best GT attire.   All in all, it was just a fun and relaxing week.   

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