Sunday, May 18, 2014

Honeymoon - Day 4 - Huahine

May 4, 2014

We were up and at it again at 6 AM with the sunrise, but laid around in bed for a bit before getting moving.  We wanted to see our arrival to Huahine so at 7 we headed to the top of the ship where we watched the ship pull in and then enjoyed breakfast at Le Veranda at 7:30.  Once again, they had the best assortment of fresh fruit in the world, as well as salmon lox, cold cuts, an omelet bar, hot meats and veggies, smoothies, nuts, breads and pastries, and so much more!  The hot chocolate is absolutely amazing as well.  They also served a breakfast soup which Joe tried and loved.  After piling our plates high, we headed to the back of the boat to enjoy the beautiful scenery while eating breakfast.  After we finished eating, we headed down to the dock to pick up our snorkeling gear and then relaxed a bit in the room sipping on mimosas before heading to shore.   
We headed to shore around 10:30 on the tender.  Once we got to shore they had a shuttle set up to take us to the other side of the island where they had the “downtown”. It was such a small downtown and most of the shops were closed for Sunday, but we walked into a couple then took a short walk to the beach.  
The weather wasn’t looking great so we just headed back to the shuttle to take the tender back to the boat.  We arrived just a couple minutes late to hop on the tender so while we waited it started raining.  Joe enjoyed the rain while I stayed under cover.  Once the tender brought us back, we headed to Le Grill for lunch.  They had amazing hot fish offerings, as well as cold cuts, veggies and fruits, and just about anything you could possibly want from a lunch!  After lunch we relaxed for a bit since the sun had come out 30 minutes after the rain (the weather here is normally beautiful all day except for a short mid day storm!) by the pool then headed downstairs to Kayak.  Our boat opens up in the back and you are able to paddle board, kayak, or wind surf off the back of it.  We took out individual Kayaks and enjoyed some time in the water.  The ride back was much harder against the current and we got a sufficient workout by the end of it!  We headed back upstairs for a couple more hours of sun and nap time before heading back to our room at 4 to take a nap.   
Ship Marina
Joe getting on the Kayak from the Marina
Sailing away and enjoying the view!
Beautiful Water!
At 5 we got ready for the evening then went to the top of the boat to enjoy some drinks and watch the beautiful sun set as the ship started moving to the next island.  After drinks we stopped by the captains welcome for a bit and enjoyed some history of Paul Gauguin before heading to dinner.  We had met some people at dinner the night before (Joe and Marie) that were a very nice couple so we met them while walking into dinner and sat down with them.  We had such a pleasant dinner with them and the food was great at L’ Etoile.  We started with appetizers of Ahi Tuna and Foie Gras and a Tomato salad and for the entrees Joe ordered the Chateaubriand and I enjoyed the Moon Fish that was cleaned fresh that day!  We sat at dinner quite some time and before we knew it, it was 10 PM and my bed time.  We headed back to our room and fell asleep quickly, ready for the next day. 

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