Monday, May 19, 2014

Honeymoon - Day 5 - Taha'a

May 5, 2014

Today we were at the island of Taha’a. We woke up again bright and early and headed to breakfast at Le Grill.  It had a smaller selection than Le Veranda but still offered many fruits and cold cuts and pastries. We watched the sun rise and Taha’a appear in the distance while we ate.   
The island Joe and I will live on someday :)
After breakfast we headed back to our room where Joe took a nap for a bit while I read.  We got up and moving around 9:30 and then headed to the tender to take us to the island.  Paul Gauguin has a private moto (Island) on the beach where they set up chairs.  The water was so crystal clear and it was beautiful to see where the water became deeper/shallower around the island.  We relaxed for a bit before taking some canoes out and exploring the area.  On our canoe ride we saw a beautiful stingray as well as a ton of fish.  We also enjoyed some snorkeling around the canoe a little ways away from the shore.
Floating Drinks!
Live Music
We were sufficiently tired after the canoe so we relaxed for a bit then they had a BBQ right there on the beach.  We enjoyed some seafood slaw made of fresh raw tuna, swordfish and veggie skewers, an amazing grilled BBQ chicken, and veggies.  We let the lunch settle a bit before taking a snorkeling trip where we got to see beautiful coral, a wide variety of fish, and so much more.  After drying off and enjoying the beach for a while longer (and attempting to play volleyball), we headed back to the boat where we called room service and enjoyed prosciutto, smoked salmon, a cheese platter, and some vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce. 
Coconut Water, Fish Slaw, Fish Skewers, BBQ Chicken
We took quite a long nap after that before heading to up to the front bar to enjoy karaoke before dinner.  For dinner we ate at Le Grill and enjoyed tuna sashimi and coconut breaded prawns for appetizers, a cucumber salad for a second appetizer, and fresh grouper with caramelized banana and seafood brochettes with rice.  Both were amazing, and we finished up our meal with one of the best white chocolate cheesecakes I have ever had.  After dinner we headed back to the bar to enjoy some live music before heading back to our room, then I enjoyed some quite time reading while Joe headed to the casino.  The casino is quite small and only has one blackjack table and one roulette table, but he enjoyed playing for about an hour before heading to bed.  He loved seeing all the friends we had made throughout the first couple of days on the cruise at the casino!  It had been such a relaxing day enjoying the crystal clear water, even if it was cloudy!

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