Sunday, November 9, 2014

Burlap Wreath DIY

I made a wreath in the summer (which I will post later), but recently I wanted to make a more fall wreath for our door.   Burlap gives such a fall feeling, so I set out to find a webpage that helped me make a DIY wreath.  It is actually quite simple and the whole project can be completed within an hour.  Michael's is normally my go to store since they are just down the street and always have coupons, but I bought my colored burlap off Amazon.  You don't need much, so I will start with a shopping list.  Below is what you will need for your wreath.

  • 2 x 10 yard rolls of burlap (4 or 5 inches wide, I used 4)
  • Wire wreath base - I used a 18"
  • Wire or twine used to fasten burlap to base
  • Decore as desired (below is what I used)
    • 5 yds Orange Burlap (4" wide)
    • 2 fall colored flour bunches
    • Wooden Initial (8")
    • White Paint 
    • Paint Brush
    • Hot Glue
Now that you have everything you need, I will start by showing the links I used to better understand how to make the base of the wreath. Depending on how tight you wind the burlap, you may need 1 or 2 of the 10 yd rolls.  I used about 1 1/2 but mine were pretty close together.

YouTube Video
Written Instructions

Between these two videos, I thought I had it under control.  I was worried about messing it up, but there really is no way to mess it up!  Some loops can be a bit bigger, some can be a bit smaller, in the end it balances out.  I also had a random pattern when doing the wreath so that it did not get too structured.  No joke, you can do it however you would like and it turns out great!

After the wreath was complete, I took white paint and panted the wooden initial.  I wanted it to stand out so I just painted it with a simple acrylic paint.  While the letter was drying, I made a bow.  I had made several bows in the past year for various projects, so you really can Google bow making and find one to your taste. I made a bow similar to the below.

How to Make a Bow

Once that was set, I cut the flowers off of the bushels I had bought.  I chose red, yellow, orange, and white as the base of this wreath to make it very festive for fall.  Now that everything was ready to decorate, it was time to fasten.

Using a fastening wire, attach the bow and flowers to the completed burlap wreath.  The letter is a bit harder to attach, so I went ahead and just glued the letter to the wreath, then weighted it with a book for a couple hours and it was stuck on there forever!  And here you go, my completed fall wreath!

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