Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Couple Steps Closer to Being Home Owners...

So after the excitement of last week and finally getting an offer on a house and going under contract, we had a lot to do this weekend!  Saturday started bright and early with our home inspection!  Joe and I headed to breakfast with Joe's dad before the inspection started.  I was babysitting later in the morning so I wasn't going to get the wonderful experience of being there the whole time :)  About an hour into the inspection (man are the inspectors detailed!) I had to leave to go babysit so Joe and his dad got the detailed break down of the town house!

I babysat Joe's boss's little girls and they are so cute!  Last time I babysat Charlotte (1 year old) cried the whole time because she is very attached to her mommy.  I was super excited when she woke up from her morning nap and didn't start crying!  We played, had snack time, and played some more, but Alexis was missing Joe dearly (seriously the second I walked in she said "Where is Joe").  After lunch Joe came by since the inspection was done and Alexis wanted to play kickball with him.  After about 30 minutes of play time it was time for their nap so I had survived the full babysitting experience without Charlotte crying!!!

After babysitting Joe and I headed up to Red Hare which is a new brewery in GA to meet up with two of Joe's friends.  After pulling up it was such an awesome surprise to see Meredith (Andy's "girl friend") get out of the car!!! We had such a good time at the brewery, mostly because Meredith was there :)  After that it was dinner time and nap time before meeting back up with Andy and Meredith for drinks in Vinings!  It was a lovely double date drink night :)
:) Meredith's first brewery!!!
Can't wait to see her in Charleston next weekend :)

Sunday was another big day for Joe and I when it comes to home buying.  We were meeting with our mortgage guy to sign all of our loan applications.  I must say that it was quite a lot of signatures and at times I was incredibly grateful that Joe is so knowledgeable about the housing market, buying houses, mortgages, etc.  After signing our lives away we made a stop by a couple furniture stores and browsed before heading home wrap up the weekend.  Although it wasn't a crazy weekend, it was exciting to take a couple very significant steps in buying our first home!  The last thing that needs to be taken care of is the bank appraisal.  Fingers crossed it all goes well :) :) :)  Now, I hope this week goes super fast so that I can go to Charleston on Saturday to see my cousin who will be in America for the FIRST time!!!!!

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