Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Sample of What the Future Has in Store for Me...

This weekend was an interesting weekend to say the least.  After what seemed like an incredibly busy week, the weekend wouldn't me any more low key.  We started the weekend a couple hours early and Joe and I left for Augusta at about 2:30 on Friday for Mike and Ashley's wedding.  Even with a 2:30 departure there was already traffic!!! I don't understand if people just don't work on Friday or what!?   Anyways, after a 2 1/2 hour drive we finally made it to Augusta.  Joe was super excited about going and couldn't wait to see Augusta National.  I think he almost cried when he realized that the whole course was surrounded by incredibly thick ivy and closed gates.  We did get one picture on our drive by!  Maybe one day we will win the lottery and get to go!

After killing about half an hour of time it was time for the wedding.  It took place at Augusta Country Club and it was a beautiful setting!  It's very different being at a wedding after you are engaged and planning your own wedding because you are always thinking about the details and if that is something you want to include in your wedding.  You definitely learn a lot of what to do and what not to do by simply observing!  The main lesson we learned is not to skimp on the photographer!!!  Right as the procession started the photographer's camera showed an error and I am very sure that she did not get a picture of Ashley walking down the aisle!  I would have been devastated!  They did have a videographer but somehow I don't think that was enough!  Anyways, we didn't know too many people there so I wasn't sure how the atmosphere would be.  We got sat at the table where nobody knew each other but we had a blast!  After dancing the night away we got back into the car and hit the road to get back to Atlanta.  We were fortunate the wedding ended at 9:30 so we made it home just after midnight!

Mike got hitched!
Joe and I

The Beautiful Couple!
After a good night sleep we woke up and did our wedding planning for the weekend!  We met with our first photographer prospect :)  We met with a consultant from George Street to get an idea of what the photography process is and how it will all work in the end.  We went through a profile where we expressed our style of photography and as we already knew, we (mostly I) love the more artistic, candid feel to photos!  From that profile they actually select what photographers you would match with and then we picked our top two photographers from the group to be our wedding photographers if we were to go with George Street!  Since this was our first photographer meeting we weren't ready to commit but we were very happy with the meeting and hope to make the decision soon!  I meet with one more later this week and then we will make the final decision!

After the meeting we drove through midtown to tour some of the neighborhoods we might want to buy a house in so that we get a better feel for the environment and had a wonderful lunch at Felinis!  Saturday night was a babysitting night, and needless to say, I learned I am not quite ready to have a family!  I watched two beautiful girls, one is almost 1 year old, the other is 2 1/2.  Alexis, the 2 1/2 year old is the cutest girl in the world and always full of life!  The last time I babysat her was before my move to Chicago so she has grown up quite a lot!  Joe came with me and I had so much fun watching him play kick ball with Alexis!  He will make a wonderful dad one day!  Charlotte was another story!  She is very attached to mommy right now (which is super cute) but as soon as mommy leaves she is not a happy camper!  After lots of tears ( and some laughs) it was finally bed time so after putting her down to bed it was quite a fun night!  Alexis is so full of life and is incredibly smart for her age so it's so much fun playing with her and asking her questions.  She is at the age where when you read to her she actually listens and asks questions so I had to make sure to really read the book!  Reading Madeline brought back great memories!  After we put Alexis to bed we had dinner and then relaxed the rest of the night (luckily the baby monitor never went off!)  It was quite the adventure for the two of us!

Today (Sunday) was low key because it was raining out.  Joe and I continued to work on the puzzle we started when my parents were in town which is impossible and will most likely never get finished.  Either way, it always provides entertainment on a rainy day!  After getting bored with the puzzle we worked out then it was time for me to hit the road to go to the airport!  This week my travels take me out to visit Amazon in Seattle and then a quick trip to Chicago.  I am writing this blog as I sit at One Flew South at the Atlanta Airport.  It is a restaurant that I have read rave reviews about but never had time to stop at.  Since my flight got delayed (and is still getting pushed back) it was the perfect time to go.  The meal is amazing (and I get free wi-fi).  I got roasted duck over lentils and veggies and it is one of the best meals I have had, especially in an airport.  They initially brought out pork, which wasn't my meal but I didn't realize that it was the wrong meal until I tried it!  It was still amazing so I didn't complain but the waitress realized it was the wrong meal and switched it out immediately.  I'm totally not complaining because then I got to try two meals!  I now know why it was rated a top 5 restaurant in an airport in the US because not only is the food great but so is the service!  It almost makes the fact that I fly into Seattle at about 1 AM Atlanta time worth it (but not really)!  Although I have not even left yet, I am excited to get back home but cannot wait to see the city of Seattle!  Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Yummy!!  You think I could make this?

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