Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Making Great Memories

After a week of ups and downs, I was very much looking forward to a long weekend.  For the first part of the weekend, Joe and I headed up to Greenville for the first time since we got engaged!  We hadn't seen my parents so we were incredibly excited to go.  We finally hit the road at 5:30 but didn't hit too much traffic so we made good time!  Friday evening was spent catching up with my parents and filling them in on all of the wedding planning that had happened.  Since we were only there for one full day, I was going to use that time wisely and take my mom and Courtney for my first wedding dress shopping trip!  At 10:30 Saturday morning I got the wonderful opportunity to try on my first dress at Demetra's Designs.  It is the largest bridal store in Greenville but I was not sure what to expect since most people travel to Atlanta to wedding dress shop.  I had the best experience in the world!  There was no pressure, and Jasmine, my consultant, pulled all of the dresses that I fell in love with!  I think I have found my dress (well within budget :)) but I was unable to commit since it was only the first store I had tried dresses on at!  Since we were having so much fun we proceeded to the bridesmaid section to look at the dresses!  Courtney was surprised by having to model a couple of dresses and of course she looked stunning in all of them :)

After playing around at Demetra's for a while we finally decided that the boys might be missing us too much so we headed home for lunch.  After lunch we took a trip to the strawberry patch!  Joe and I did such a good job picking strawberries and picked a whole basket for ourselves!  Can't wait to have strawberry banana smoothies all week for breakfast!

After strawberry picking we headed home and has "serious" talks with my parents as they gave us great advice as we start taking the next steps in our future.  We also made the traditional chocolate chip cookie cake that I make every time I come home, and 100% serious it tastes a million times better when I make it in Greenville!  The recipe will come at a later date :)After dinner, Courtney, Joe and I headed out for a night on the town to celebrate!!!  Joe was assigned DD so that Courtney and I could have our much needed "girl time" and he was such a trooper!  We met up with a couple old friends from high school later on in the night but it is always lovely spending time with one of my best friends in the whole world!  I seriously don't know what I would do without her :)

Strawberry Picking!
Our Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake
Best Friends ready for a night out on the town :)
Love Him :)

Sunday was a relaxing day and we went to church bright and early.  Since we had a late night, it was nap time after church then my parents cooked lunch for us before we headed back down to Atlanta for our engagement party!  After saying goodbye we headed back down to Atlanta to celebrate our engagement with some of our friends!  Kristina is such a planner and put on a great party with amazing food and yummy mojitos and margaritas!  Joe and I are so blessed to have so many amazing people in our lives and thankful for everyone that came.  I got great advice from Kristina since she has planned many of her friends wedding and I appointed her and her mother my florists for my wedding day!!!  Seriously though, flowers are SOOO expensive that we had been tossing around the idea of making our own flowers.  Kristina and Mrs. Cherry have done it before so we will have expertise that made our decision to make our own flowers much easier!  I am excited to get to make them and cannot wait to start practicing!

Corona Cupcakes!
Two of my favorite "Joe Friends"

Monday was a very relaxing day spent at Joe's parent's house and meeting with a potential photographer!  At noon we met with Steven Joseph (Joseph Steven Photography) which was the last of our photography meetings.  I was incredibly excited to meet him because I really liked the vibe that I got when we were conversing via email.  During the meeting he was very professional and patient with the millions of questions I had about how our day would run!  He also came up with very cute ideas of how we could incorporate our GT connection in our photography which made me realize he would be great for us! His wife works as his assistant  and she is incredibly knowledgeable about photography.  What caught my eye with his pictures was how he plays with light so he even explained a lot of how he does that in his photography. Although we haven't officially told him he would be shooting us, I am confident with our decision and we will be reaching out to him tomorrow to make it official.  After the meeting we headed to the pool with Joe's parents for a bit then enjoyed an amazing dinner of ribs (Asian and traditional BBQ), kielbasa, potato salad, cucumber feta dip, and much more!  After eating way to much we headed home to prepare for the week.  After this we will be planning our meals for the week since I am home this whole week (and apply to be on Property  Brothers!!!!)!!!!  Happy 4 day week to all!

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