Monday, May 27, 2013

Life of a Traveling Sales Person...

Although I am a bit behind, I would like to start the post by recapping last week's travels.  Most days, I am very lucky to say that I love my job and what I love most about it is the ability to travel and see the USA.  This past week made me question if I really did enjoy traveling.  It's one of those stories that you really couldn't even make up if you tried!  Even with everything that happened, there were quite a few bright spots in the trip as well :)  So what happened??? Here we go!!!

The week started Sunday evening for me as I departed for the Atlanta Airport for a flight to Seattle (referenced in the last blog post).  Since my flight was originally delayed by an hour, I was excited to enjoy an amazing dinner at One Flew South.  After making it to the gate, the flight continued to get delayed due to storms.  After two hours, we finally got to board and I was excited that I would be getting into Seattle around midnight EDT, so it still wouldn't be terribly late!  After about 30 minutes on the plane it was announced that we were going to be delayed another hour or two because we had two flat tires!  I mean I totally understand that the tires need to get fixed but does it really take 2 hours!!!! On top of that, we had to stay seated in the plane!  With the delay, I finally made it to Seattle around 2 AM EDT which is WAY past my bed time :)  I quickly got to bed and was ready to go the next morning at 4 AM (Seattle Time) due to the time change (sometimes the inability to sleep in really stinks!)  After getting quite a lot of work done, it was time to head out to lunch before my meeting at Amazon at 2.  As I get to the rental car at noon I learn that the car won't start :(  After the hotel crew tried to jump it and was unsuccessful I started getting worried because the car was brand new and only had 4 miles on it!  After calling the rental place they called a repair guy out and after 30 minutes we finally got the car started!  With the delay I had missed lunch and I headed to Amazon for the afternoon meeting. Below is a picture of my drive in of the space needle (my one touristy act of the week) and my super yummy salad from Whole Foods!  Whole Foods is my new way of healthy eating while on the road because it's quick but very tasty!

Space Needle!!!
Spinach Salad with Artichoke, Red Peppers, Craisins, and Feta (no dressing)
Amazon is such a fascinating place, but the most excited thing of all was the fact that they can bring their dogs to work!  How cool is that!!!  After my meeting I learned my Tuesday afternoon meeting was canceled so I was glad to be able to change my flight from the red eye that was initially booked for Tuesday night.  After a good night sleep and 4 AM wake up on Tuesday I get through my morning meeting then head to the airport.  I arrive right at 10:30 or so and and after a 15 minute ride from the rental place on the trolley I go to check in with plenty of time to spare for the 11:30 AM flight.  As I go to check in I realize my wallet is missing, so freaking out, I take the slow trolley back to the rental place and wait to see if they find my wallet.  They finally return it (sans babysitting money) but at least I got it back.  Hopping back on the trolley, I make it to the airport but check in at 11:02.  For those of you who travel, you know you have to check in 30 minutes before departure, so I was unable to get on the earlier flight.  Due to that, I was now stuck at the airport for 13 hours since it was raining so I couldn't even take the train back into the city to sight-see!  I did enjoy some VERY good seafood meals at the airport and got a lot of work done, but a 1 AM flight (4 AM EDT) made for a VERY sleepless night since I was only going to Chicago.  After that the trip went as planned, and I got to see my wonderful friend Agatha!!! Always a pleasure to see her smiling face in the wonderful city of Chicago :) I though there was no way anything else could go wrong, but I was in for one more surprise!

Upon returning to Atlanta on Thursday (only a 1 hour flight delay) I return to my car.  That was where I found my last surprise for the week...a cracked windshield :(  Normally it wouldn't have been a big deal but I think after the week I had, I thought it was the end of the world!  I was super excited to get home after that and enjoy seeing my little one while finishing up the day of work.

Rox laying on me while I work from the couch...I think she missed mommy
The week did get better after that!  Thursday evening Joe and I had a date night with two lovely people, Reza and Kellie Ann.  It's always wonderful catching up with them and they were so sweet and brought us beautiful flowers to celebrate the engagement!  After way too many wings we weren't ready for the night to end so we headed to ice cream :)  Gotta love this girl!

Joe creepin as Kellie Ann and I wait on ice cream and the beautiful flowers
Friday wrapped up the week and it was very uneventful.  After work I headed to Joe's work to pick him up and hit the road for Greenville to see my parents for the first time since we got engaged!!!!  More to come on the fun filled Memorial Day Weekend!

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