Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cheez (no R) to Charlotte

This past weekend was quite a fun filled weekend, but the best part was meeting some amazing new people!  So here we go...

Friday afternoon, Joe and I headed up to Charlotte but made a pit stop in Greenville to eat dinner with my dad and brother!  My dad had never had oyster's before and had talked about them a lot so Joe and I decided we would take him to Bimini's, a restaurant that originated in Charleston.  We had a blast eating oysters and a large variety of other seafood!  It all turned out great, minus the steamed oysters that wouldn't open, but we had enough food as it was so it turned out to be just fine!

After dinner we drove the rest of the way to Charlotte and met up with a large group of Joe's friends and some new super awesome NC girls!  It's always exciting to meet up with new people, especially new girls with that group, because it tends to always be a big group of guys!  Once everyone got to Charlotte we went out to EpiCenter where we hung out and got to know everyone there!  I was super excited to have met some friends that had very similar personalities to me and we got along so well!  The bars in Charlotte have last call at 1:30 so I knew it wouldn't be too late of a night, so we walked back to our hotel.  Right across the street from the hotel was Pita Pit so everyone enjoyed a healthy late night snack before heading to bed.
The Whole Crew!
Roof Top View


Cheez to new Friends!!!

Bull Riding!!!

Saturday morning got here before we knew it and it was time to hit the National White Water Center right outside Charlotte.  To say the least it was quite an effort to get the group moving, but since we were meeting up with some of my friends as well, Joe and I hit the road early.  Jennifer, a friend from high school actually works there so not only was I super excited to see her but we were also very grateful to have her as our tour guide!  Mr. and Mrs. Woodworth (AKA Katie and Will) also met up with us and life is always a blast with them around!  If anyone gets the chance to make it up to the White Water Center I would HIGHLY recommend it!  We had the time of our lives and hope to go back sometime very soon.  There, we started off with rock climbing and I have to admit my arms are very out of shape!  After that we hit the white water rafting, followed by paddle boarding.  After paddle boarding it was lunch time before heading to the zipline!  It made for a very long day so we decided to call it quits after the zipline and go grill out at Meredith's roof top apartment for dinner.

National White Water Center!

Joe Climbing High!
Dinner was quite a production and there was so much food!  We had steak, burgers, brats, hot dogs, potatoes, fries, corn, and much more!  After eating way to much food it was time to bring out the ice cream cake to celebrate one of Joe's friends Clint's birthday!  Everyone loves ice cream cake, and of course after we finished up I got to do something that I have always wanted to do!  I got to smash the cake in Clint's face!!!!  We might have made a mess but it was totally worth it.
Happy Birthday Clint!

Dinner Time :)

After that it was time to get ready then head out for the evening.  Katie and Will met up with us so it was great seeing them again and catching up more.  After leaving Whiskey Wearhouse, we headed
across the street to a bar so that the boys could play some ping pong.  I was in for quite the surprise, and I ran into Patricia, a high school friend of mine who I have not seen in ages!  I was so happy to see her and talk weddings since she is about to start planning her own :)  Gotta love running into someone you haven't talked to in years and oh how we have grown up since then!  After the bars closed we headed to Pita Pit one more time before heading home.
Birthday Boy

The Woodworths!


Sunday was a low key day with a late brunch and walk around down town Charlotte before I hit the road for Raleigh to do some sales calls early Monday morning.  Shout out to Meredith for being such an amazing host to such a large group of people! I got to Raleigh just before dinner time and after a quick workout I met up for dinner with my brother in law which was amazing!  I always love knowing people in the cities I travel because it makes the trip that much more enjoyable.  It was especially nice seeing Doug because it has been some time since we have gotten to sit down and have a long conversation.  What a great way to wrap up the week!  So with that, I have finally caught up on the week, but there is plenty more excitement to come as I slowly start making my way back to Atlanta.

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