Sunday, June 9, 2013

Drinking for Charity!

This week was a long week at work full of learning that will help me become more proficient at my job :)  We had our National Sales Meeting in Atlanta this week which was nice because I didn't have to travel, but it was also a VERY important meeting because our owner from Germany was coming in town.  WIKA is a privately held company headquartered in Klingenberg so it's not often he pays us a visit!  I got the pleasure to speak to him a bit one night at dinner and I must say not too many people my age and in my position get that opportunity!  I even got the opportunity to do a presentation for him (at the time I'm not sure I was quite as excited to do it but I was MUCH more nervous) which I am very proud to say went very well!  Wednesday night at the sales training we went to the Gwinnett Braves Game with our whole sales team and customer service to mix and mingle!  We had a blast and it's always a pleasure to relax with the coworkers!

 The meeting ended Thursday evening so Friday was used to catch up with emails (somewhat) before enjoying another relaxing weekend in Atlanta! Friday evening was another game night and dinner cooking night!  Kellie Ann and I made lasagna from scratch (using her mom's recipe which I unfortunately don't have!)  and it turned out amazing!  This time we had a few more people over so there were 8 of us to play games following dinner!  It was a quite a low key night because we knew Saturday would be a long day!
Fish Bowl!
 Saturday we had signed up to do a charity bar crawl for Camp Twin Lake during the day at the Virginia Highlands since one of Joe's good friends work there, Kristina.  After getting up in the morning and walking 7.5 miles we headed downtown to start the day!  Sunday was Tareq's birthday so it was going to be a full day of celebrating his birthday!  As you can see in the pictures below, there were different color teams and we were team orange!  Results are still to be determined but whatever team tweeted/instagramed the most with their appropriate hashtag won!  Below are some pictures of the fun filled event!
Team Orange!!!
First of 5 Bars :)
Love this picture :)
 After the bar crawl we headed to the Red Pepper for some dinner then went back to Reza's new place in the highlands to get ready for the evening!  We had a fun night out on the town and even got to see an ex-coworker on the job!  There was a damper put on the night when Reza's key's were lost and we had no way to get back into his apartment but it all worked out OK since Joe had his keys on him and we were able to simply drive home to his place and sleep in our own bed :)

True Love :)
Although it is blurry we were excited to see  Brandie so I had to post it!
 Sunday has been quite a relaxing day!  I went to church in the morning and the pool later on in the day.  We are about to head to my apartment to start packing to move me for the 5th home in just about 1 year so that we can say we did something productive!  Next week is a week from home for work so I am very much looking forward to catching up on emails and getting some good phone calls in to move some of my bigger opportunities to the next steps! Happy Week :)

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