Sunday, August 11, 2013

Closing Day and Moving Weekend!!!!

WOW it has been an exciting couple days.  My whole body is sore (mostly my calves!) but it was all so worth it.  There is still soooo much to get done but all of the furniture is in place thanks to a great group of guys who carried super heavy stuff up to as much as 5 flights of stairs!!!  It seems like all of the heaviest stuff was on the top floor and the patio too :) is a recap of the weekend as I finally kick my feet up and wait for some cookies to bake (first baking experience in the new kitchen!)

Friday morning started early after a late night of packing.  Since our closing was at Joe's work, I drove him to work and worked from his office.  Since we knew we were closing at 1 we had to get in early to get our work done!  After a couple hours of work, it was finally closing time!  I was under the impression that it would take an hour max, but man was I wrong!  It was so incredibly nice of our mortgage guy to also show up to our closing (Paul Cook!)  I would totally recommend him to anyone looking for a house.  Although Joe did most of the talking with him, I know he was incredibly helpful, and brought us two pies as a congratulations gift!

So, things I learned at closing!  It pays to have a short name because you sign your name a million times! It is also unbelievably awesome to have a fiance that knows so that I didn't have to stress too much about what I was signing!  Last, it is awesome not having a middle initial!  You sign so many pages where you have to write in your  middle initial, but you also initial a million more pages!!! So, for the first time in my life, it was quite significant not having a middle name :)

So, about two and a half hours and hundreds of initials and signatures later, Joe and I were officially home owners!!!
 After closing we wrapped up work in the next hour or so then it was time to go get the truck and pick up some new furniture.  The majority of what we bought new was coming from ByDesign which is a modern furniture shop that Joe and I fell in love with!  They have an outlet store in Atlanta so it is nice to get stuff at least a bit cheaper!
First car load of many...

After Joe got the furniture, it was time to pack up mine and his car and take a trip down to the house to unload our first boxes!  This trip was all kitchen stuff that was breakable so we wouldn't have to worry about putting it into a truck. Once we got to the house we were so excited we started unpacking and luckily didn't have too many stairs to walk since the kitchen is just up one floor from the garage!  After unpacking the cars, it was time to head home.  We did some more packing then went to bed since I had to be at our place at 8 the next morning.

Told you it was a huge truck!
Bright and early the alarm went off at 7 and it was the big moving day!  We quickly packed my car with all of our hanging clothes (Joe and I both have so many clothes!!!) and then I hit the road with Roxie in my lap since there was no other room!  I now realize we should have just packed the clothes because I had to take so many trips up the stairs with clothes to get them all up in our closet!  It was about 10 AM before I was done with that, and by then I was already exhausted!  In between loads of clothes, I was washing loads of dishes and drying them since most of my kitchen stuff had been packed in boxes for quite some time and was incredibly dusty!  Shortly after I got done with the last dishes and clothes, Joe's mom came with some stuff in her car so we unloaded that.  After that, Joe arrived with Andy Trinkle and Duncan as well as Joe's dad, and the BIG truck that was packed to the fullest!
Rox...not happy while she is waiting on the furniture to arrive!

Thank goodness for all these guys (Matt Trinkle and Andy Olejack also came!) because that allowed me to carry some of the "lighter stuff".  That being said, the drawers full of clothes weren't that light for me :) The first unloaded the truck into the garage then started with furniture and taking it to the right room.  Some of it was quite an adventure with doors having to get taken off and pieces of the furniture getting taken apart but everything is now in its place!  The only thing that had to switch was the office and the guest bedroom since the couch couldn't get into the door of what would have been the office!   It was quite a work out since most of the stuff from the truck was going to the third/fourth/rooftop floors so you can only imagine how tiring it was!

Derby Pie from and flowers from the DiDias!!!
We took a break around 2 or so to eat BBQ that Joe's dad had made the two days before!  Joe's parents were absolutely amazing throughout the whole move and deserve a very special thank you!  They even brought champagne and flowers to make our place a bit more homey even with all of the boxes in it!  They went above and beyond with proving food for Joe and I all weekend so that we would have one less thing to worry about.  It was amazing and I think I ate about 2 lbs of it throughout the day!  After lunch it was time to get boxes to the right.  We finally finished up with all the major things that needed to be moved and got to relax on the rooftop of a bit before the downpour of rain came!  That gave us the inspiration to get showered and go to dinner.  After coming back to our place for a bit, we headed out to Ivy which is a bar right down the street from us!  We were so excited to get to walk to the bar for the first time and it is less than a 5 minute walk!!!!  We went out to celebrate Kellie Ann's birthday, but called it a night fairly early because we were exhausted!  After a quick walk back, it was bed time (Best part about this place is LOCATION!!!)

Birthday Girl!!!!
Sunday morning came quickly and it was time to start getting situated, slowly.  Although looking around it doesn't look like progress had been made, it is coming together slowly.  I got all of my clothes put into the closet in the morning!  After that, it was time to take a trip to the old house and pack up mine and Joe's cars with the millions of things that we realized were left behind.  It was over 90 out so it was hot packing the cars, and would have been much more enjoyable sitting by the pool :)  After getting the cars packed we came home to unpack before heading out for some shopping!

After moving in you realize there are random things missing.  For us, one thing was that none of our bathrooms have toilet paper holders, so we had to buy the standing ones.  I also cannot reach the top cabinets in the kitchen so a stepping stool was a must!  After some shopping it was time to come home and get dinner ready/bake!

I will post recipes tomorrow, but baking today was for a gift basket for Julie, who represented us as our agent.  I still believe she was the reason we got this home under contract and we are so grateful!  I made two different truffles and peanutbutter cookes with a twist as Joe started unpacking his clothes in our room!  No, for the first time this weekend, we kick up our feet and relax for a bit, knowing there is lots to be done, but we deserve a little break!

So, as we get rooms settled, I will be posting before and after pictures room by room, but for now, let's say slowly but surely, it is coming together!  I hope everyone's weekend was super relaxing, and I am one super excited person for getting to work from my new office all this week before traveling to NC!!! 

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