Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lisa's Bachelorette Weekend!!!

This past week has been quite an exciting week with getting the house unpacked, buying new decorations, settling in, etc. so I was very ready for the weekend to get here.  Lisa, one of my very good friends from college and a fellow Spring Club member, is getting married in October, and the bachelorette weekend that had been planned months ago had finally arrived. With all of the house buying, I was not sure if I would be able to go, but it all worked out perfectly, and Friday evening was the beginning of a fun filled relaxing weekend!

Although what happens at the lake stays at the lake (just kidding) I did want to write up about the fun filled weekend.  I think as the weekend weather forecast came out, we were all expecting the worst! As many of you know, it is pretty much fall weather here in the SE USA and NOT the weather we are use to at this time.  Although normally it is very enjoyable, it is quite cold to go to the lake.  Luckily, we still got some beautiful lake time.
The Pucci's BEAUTIFUL home

Friday was a relaxing evening at the lake getting to know everyone!  It was so good seeing Sarah (Schoeff) Smith at the lake so there was a lot of catching up to do.  It was also great to catch up with Taylor and Kate who had also been on the swim team as well as meet Mallory and Sara (the MOH/sister and Lisa's high school friend).  After getting to the lake, we had an amazing dinner and then took a trip out on the lake with the boat and saw a beautiful sunset.  After getting back for the evening it was relaxation time and we sat by the bonfire and then enjoyed a couple of hours in the hot tun!  We were quite ready for bed and Sarah and I were sharing a room.  Since we had not seen each other in quite a while we stayed up chatting late into the night catching up on our lives!

Fire Pit on the Lake
Piece of Cake Carmel Cake :)

First Boat Trip all bundled up :)
The morning came quick, and we woke up and had an amazing spread of food before heading out on the lake.  Although it wasn't sunny (and at times even rained a bit) we were determined to get some time on the water.  I wasn't going to re-injure my ankle any more than it already is, so I stayed away from the wake boarding, but it was so much fun watching some of the girls stand up on a wake board for the first time!  The water was warm so I did get a swim in with Lisa's doggies.  After some time on the water we headed in and warmed up in the hot tub before eating an amazing lunch prepared by the Pucci family!  After lunch it was raining out so we stayed in and watched a movie/napped before starting to get ready for the evenings festivities!
View while eating Breakfast

Coach Lisa giving lessons!


The Whole Group!

After getting all glammed up it was time to take some pictures and open gifts!  Every girl LOVES a lingerie shower and it was so fun watching Lisa open gifts.  After a couple drinks we headed out for dinner at a local restaurant where we all enjoyed some amazing seafood.  While at the restaurant we realized it might be a bit cold in our dresses to stay out in those for the night so we headed back to the house to change before heading out to watch a local band that played.  The bad was amazing and the night was VERY entertaining to say the least!  After getting our fill of entertainment we headed back home for the evening and called it a night shortly after.

Jello Shots!!! Cheers to the Bachelorette

Just hanging out at the downstairs bar :)

All the LOVELY ladies all dressed up :)_


Sunday (this morning) we ate another amazing breakfast and hung out before it was time to say our goodbyes.  Lisa's mom had made us beautiful gifts to take back with us (YAAAY for more decoration for the new home!) and shortly after we hit the road.  Since I am staying in Raleigh for the week, I took Sarah to the airport and it was so good having company for the trip.  The weekend was exactly what I needed and such a fun girls weekend catching up with old friends, talking weddings and girly stuff, eating way too many deserts, and just having a great time!  This week should be a fun filled week in NC as I slowly make my way back to Atlanta.  This evening will be filled with relaxing (and getting a workout in to work off some of the desert) before hitting the ground running tomorrow morning with a busy schedule!

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