Monday, October 14, 2013

A more relaxing week/weekend

This past week was a bit more relaxing since I worked from home but still VERY full of excitement.  Monday evening started with a bang and we had visitors come to see our place!  Since Joe's grandmother and aunt were in town we invited them to dinner at our place so that they could see our new home and enjoy the beautiful weather we have been having.  Although we didn't plan out what we were doing for dinner, Joe made the suggestion to grill everything for fajitas since that was quick and easy.

Joe's family got to our place around 5:30 so after showing them our new home, we headed to the rooftop so that we could cook dinner and relax.  It was such a great meal and everything was so good!  We realized we absolutely love having people over and entertaining because we didn't really get that opportunity when both of us were living in Johns Creek.  We had such a good time hanging out on the roof top, watching a beautiful sunset, and just enjoying everyone's company.

The rest of the week went by way too fast and before I knew it, it was the weekend.  Friday evening, after Joe got home, we had cleaning time and took about an hour and a half to clean our house.  I am so lucky that Joe doesn't mind cleaning because it makes everything so much easier.  After cleaning time we headed up to Andy's house to spend the night up there so that tennis Saturday morning was a bit closer.  Saturday morning I attended Joe's first tennis match of the season and enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL fall weather!  After tennis, one of his teammates gave us VIP passes for a charity even that had all you can eat burgers and all you can drink beer, so we figured why not go!

After picking up one of Joe's friends, we headed to midtown to Battle of the Burgers Benefiting Embrace.  There, they had about 20 or so restaurants that were giving out burgers of all different kinds!  One of Joe's favorites was a PRB batter fried burger stuffed with blue cheese...which if you know Joe is a lot of his favorite things combined into one burger!  My personal favorite was Taco Mac's burger which had two different sauces on it, as well as goat cheese spread and arugula!  There were also ones with kettle chips on there, lasagna stuffed burgers, BBQ burgers, and so much more!  We ate a lot of burgers (I ate mine without a bun so I could eat more) and hung out enjoying the music and watching football!  Towards the end of the even I was pleasantly surprised to run into Blaine (a coworker and friend of mine!) and we had so much fun catching up and planning ;)  Before we knew it, it was time to head home.  After heading to the gym to get a workout in and burn some of the burgers off, we decided to just watch the Tech game, and before it even ended we called it a night after a long day outside enjoying the fall weather!

Sunday morning I woke up and made brownies so that Joe would have some desert while I traveled this week.  In the meantime he took my car to get a much needed car wash (I know we lead exciting lives) while I laid around and wrote my blog :) After car washes we made the lasagna for dinner then headed on a long walk around the city since it was so pretty outside.  Then we did a bit of shopping before an early dinner because I had to head to the airport!  Dinner was a spinach artichoke lasagna that was AMAZING and the recipe is still to come!  But, now it is time to head to the airport and head out to Texas/Arizona for the week!  Happy Week everyone!

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