Sunday, October 27, 2013

Meeting Baby Rose!

This past week was another crazy week of travel through the USA.  I got sick with a cold on Sunday so it was an interesting week of flying.  I took a lot of NyQuil and DayQuil but I survived the week.  On Thursday and Friday I had some meetings in North Carolina so it was lovely meeting up with Meredith for dinner in Charlotte, and then after my meeting ended for the week, I went over to my sister's house to meet baby Rose!

I must say, Baby Rose is the cutest little girl ever!  My sister might not agree (after a couple sleepless nights), but she is so well behaved and I am absolutely in love with the little one.  Friday evening Ana and I took Rose on a long walk so we got to spend some time catching up while she slept in the stroller.  Saturday, I let Ana and Doug sleep in while I took care of Rose, and then we got some errands done.  I must say it is quite complicated getting errands done with a 3 week old baby, but Rose was very well behaved :)
Sleeping Sweetly :)
Time for a walk...all bundled up :)

Tummy Time!
Baby Rose sleeping sweetly for Teta Vida

Meeting Baby Rose!!!
 After running errands and making rice crispy treats, I hit the road and started my trek back to Atlanta.  Saturday I made it to Greenville and met up with Sarah for dinner.  It was so good catching up with her since I had not seen her in ages!  It is always good seeing her and talking about life and growing up :)  After dinner I made it to my parents house where I made chocolate chip cookie cake for my mom's birthday on Sunday and then headed to bed.  Sunday started bright and early with church and then my parents and I headed up to Paris Mountain for a hike to celebrate my parent's birthday.  After coming home,  Courtney came over and it was time to celebrate my mom's birthday (Courtney is pretty much part of the family and the craziness of Slovenian Birthdays)!  We had a yummy meal of country fried steak, potatoes, and fried mushrooms and then enjoyed some strawberries and cookie cake for desert.  Before I knew it it was time to hit the road and make my way to Atlanta since it had been forever since I had seen Joe.  Needless to say, it was good to be home after a long week and weekend of travel.  Next week at home will be much needed to get organized for the remainder of the year and catch up on emails for work!  It was lovely seeing my family, meeting baby Rose, and celebrating my mom's birthday, but it sure is nice to be home :)
Paris Mountain!

My beautiful Parents! Happy Birthday Mami!!!

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