Sunday, October 20, 2013

Enjoying Fall in Georgia...

This past week was quite a crazy week of travel for work, and I must say maybe the busiest of the year.  I started the trip Sunday evening by heading to Ft. Worth, then from there traveling to Brownsville, TX, El Paso, TX, and Phoenix, AZ before heading home.  After a lot of flights, time changes, and beautiful scenery, I was very ready to get home and enjoy a weekend with Joe and friends.
Sunset when landing in Brownsville, TX
Cactus in Phoenix!!!
Sun Setting between two layers of clouds in ATL
Earlier in the week we had made plans to head up to Helen for October Fest.  Saturday morning, Joe had tennis, so after the tennis match, we met up with Kellie Ann and Reza and hit the road to Helen.  For those of you that don't know, Helen is a small town in North GA that is a replica of a German village.  They have October Fest every year and this was a big weekend for people to go.  After checking into our hotel we headed to Helen for a fun afternoon and evening.

We started the day at the beer hall where they sold beautiful ceramic mugs and had live German music and dancing.  After sipping on some German beer we headed too dinner where we had some brats, sauerkraut, Reuben sandwiches, and much more on a small restaurant that sat on the river.  After dinner we met up with Rialda, Elliot, and their friends for some more drinking and dancing the night away.  After we had our fill of dancing, we headed to a small ice cream parlor and enjoyed funnel cakes (yes plural) and FRIED OREOS!  They were so good, and of course after the food was gone, Kellie Ann, Reza, and Joe had a little fun throwing powdered sugar on each other.  After that we headed back to the beer hall for some more genuine German music before heading to the hotel.

Fried Oreos!
Funnel Cake :)

After a great breakfast the next morning (Joe and Reza were overly excited about waffles in the morning) we hit the road and made a pit stop at a farm.  There we found the perfect carving pumpkins and decorative pumpkins.  After getting our pumpkins, we headed to the petting zoo so that Kellie Ann could feed the pony, Short Cake, before hitting the road back to Atlanta.

After getting home it was time to cheer on the Falcons and will now head up too Joe's parents house for dinner before getting ready for another fun week of work.  It was such a fun weekend spent in north Georgia with amazing friends enjoying the perfect fall weather that we are having in Atlanta currently.  So, with that,  another weekend has passed, so Happy Week everyone :)

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