Monday, October 7, 2013

I need a vacation after this week/weekend...but it was amazing!

This past week/weekend was one of the busiest but craziest and fun weekends I have had!  As you know from the last post, last week was spent in California for work.  After a weekend spent exploring California with Kristen, it was time to get focused and work for the week.  After two days of training I did some sales calls which all went well!  We even went to downtown Disney one night!  After doing two calls Friday morning, it was time to fly back to Atlanta after spending 7 days in Cali! 
Layover in Salt Lake City...I wanna go back :)
Homeward Bound!
Missed this pretty girl all week!
I landed in Atlanta around 10:30 on Friday night so about all I did was drive home and go to bed because we had quite an eventful weekend ahead of us!  Saturday morning I got up and cleaned the house and got it ready for Sarah and Ryan (Sarah's Blog!) to spend the night, although I must say Joe did a great job keeping the house clean while I was gone (I didn't have the sweep the whole house because it was already done!).  Before I knew it, it was time to get ready for Lisa and Andy's wedding.  The drive to the wedding was about an hour and a half away so we wanted to leave by 3:30 at the latest to insure we were on time.  Once we got up there we snapped a couple pictures before it was time for the ceremony to start!  The wedding was at Big Canoe and it is such a pretty place to hold a wedding.  On top of the view it was also perfect weather!

Big Canoe
So Pretty!

Love Them :)

After watching some football while we waited it was finally time for the ceremony!  Lisa looked absolutely perfect in her dress that fit her like a glove!  They had a fellow former swimmer, Johnny, preformed the ceremony and did a fantastic job!  After exchanging vows, doing the rings, and then the kiss, Lisa and Andy were pronounced husband and wife!!!

Here she comes!
I do!
First Kiss as a Married Couple!

They are Married!
 After the ceremony we ventured into the reception hall where we had dinner, took pictures in the photo booth, ate amazing cupcakes, played corn hole, and caught up with friends we hadn't seen in quite some time.  The drive home was a long one, but after making it home we ventured out to Ivy for a bit before heading to Waffle House.  After a long day and late night, I was happy to get in bed and sleep in some on Sunday!


After sleeping in a bit we made pancakes with Ryan and Sarah before they headed to Sarah's house.  After they left I headed up to Joe's parent's house for my first bridal shower! As I got on the road my parents called me and surprised me by telling me that my mom was coming down for the shower as well!  We had such a great time and the food was amazing.  I am so blessed to have had so many people come and spend a couple hours in great company!  Although I didn't get too many pictures, below are the couple that I did take.

Mom and future mother in law :)
Beautiful set up!!!

 After the shower I headed home and relaxed for a bit before Meredith and Andy came over for dinner.  After dinner we watched the Braves game for a  bit but called it an early night after quite an exciting weekend.  Now, I cannot wait to enjoy a week from home and get caught up on some emails!!!  I am so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life and I definitely felt the love this weekend. Happy week everyone!

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