Saturday, September 14, 2013

Never Ending To Do List...

Although I would have loved to stay in Chicago the full weekend, now that we have a house, I knew that Joe and I would have a lot to do since I haven't been home that much lately!  So, due to that, I came home Saturday morning so that I could get some stuff done on the house and for the wedding.  Once I landed, Joe and I met at Ikea so that we could do some shopping for random things in the house.  The main purchase was going to be a buffet.  We didn't want anything too expensive because it is a piece of furniture that will not be used if/when we decide to move to a new house a couple years down the road. It is very specific to this town house so why spend a lot of money on something! So, with that we set out to buy a buffet and other fun things to put around the house.  After two hours spent at IKEA, we finally had two carts full of things for the home (and didn't even spend that much money!) After loading up the car it was time to head home and unpack the car.

Our Beautiful New Addition!
Once we got everything upstairs it was time to start building our new furniture, which everyone knows is a LONG process.  It took us several hours to build, but once it was done we were so happy with the way it looked!  Right as we finished up our building project, we decided we would do a date night, so we dressed quickly and headed to Veni, Vidi, Vici for an absolutely amazing Italian dinner.  Sufficiently full, we headed home and had some friends over.  After hanging out on the rooftop and watching some foodball on the local channels, it was time to go out for the evening.  All of us were fairly tired so we were ready to go home very early but decided to stop at Waffle House before making the walk home.  It was a low key evening because Joe and I had a full day ahead of us the following day.

 Sunday morning we slept in a  bit before starting our day.  After getting up and getting the house cleaned a bit, it was time to do the weeks grocery shopping.  We were having guests in town (first real guests!!!!) so we planned out their meals and bought the groceries.  Once we got back, we unpacked then headed to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to start our registry process!  We knew we didn't have a TON of things to register for because we already have a keurig, kitchen aid, and every other thing needed for a kitchen!  We were limiting our registries to two places so that we can also do the HoneyFunds, so Bed, Bath, and Beyond was a logical choice.  We learned quite a few things from this process that we had a blast doing!  First, we have very expensive taste, and it seems like everything we registered for was pricey!  Second, we are really good at picking things out together.  I already knew we had similar taste when we were picking out furniture, but the decision making process was so quick and easy with us that it only took us about 2 hours to pick out china, serving plates, etc and do the whole registry!  Registering is a crazy feeling because you feel like you just purchased so many thing, but in reality you didn't spend any money!  Now, let's just keep our fingers crossed we get all the beautiful things that we would like to have!
Our China Set!
Let the purchasing begin!
 At the time we finished up the registry the Falcons game had started so we rushed home!  We still don't have U-verse set up due to many many complications, but luckily the Falcons were on ABC so Joe and I headed up to the rooftop and got some sun while watching the Falcons play.  At halftime we grilled some bison burgers since we had missed lunch and decided it was better to just do an early dinner!  Once the game ended, we headed out to William Sanoma to do the second portion of our registry!  This was where we were going to register for pots and other smaller things, because we wanted to give our guests options.  After a very quick registry process (we really didn't have that much left to register for at this point) we had everything we wanted and were done with this portion of the registry! We made a quick stop at TJ Max to get some large vases for our entryway before heading to LA Fitness to get our gym memberships (I was in much need of some spin and yoga classes) before going to Starbucks to get some work done since our internet was still not working!

We had such an eventful and exciting weekend that I was incredibly glad to have a week working from home this week.  Although I had a couple meetings at the office, it was much better than hopping on a plane early Monday morning!  So with that, we started a new week that would be exciting due to having house guests!

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