Monday, September 30, 2013

Traveling the US, one week at a time...

This past week was quite a crazy week for me!  I hadn't traveling in a couple weeks so it was time to get back on the road and meet with customers, so early Monday morning I hopped on a flight to Chicago for some meetings Monday and Tuesday.  It was such a quick trip that was full of meetings so I didn't even get to see Agatha, and Tuesday evening I hopped on a flight to Baltimore.  Baltimore was a short trip too, with a full day of meetings Wednesday.  The highlight of this trip is that I got to see my lovely college roommate that lives a bit outside Baltimore.  We had amazing food at Waterfront Kitchen where we sat outside and enjoyed the harbor and beautiful weather.  I hadn't seen Caiti in quite some time and it was SOOOOOO good to catch up and see her!  It is so crazy how much life changes in just a couple of years!
Baltimore on a Beautiful Day
I flew into Atlanta on Thursday, just in time for GAMEDAY at Tech!!!!  Right before we left for the game we FINALLY mailed out our save the dates, so they should be arriving soon if they have not arrived yet!  We had a Thursday night game so of course after Joe got off work we headed to campus to tailgate and watch the game!  We ran into so many friends while tailgating and enjoyed spending time outside in the beautiful weather!  It is perfect tailgate/football season weather here in Atlanta.  The first half of the game we watched from the student section with some swimmers.  Although I only know a select few of the swimmers left on the team, it was great seeing them.  At halftime we headed up to the upper level to see Joe's parents.  We ended up staying up there and ran into my most avid blog reader/fan, Lane :)  Although the game didn't end quite like we had hopped, we had a blast.

Friday went by too quick, with a lot of work to do to follow up from the weeks travels and getting ready for the following week.  Before I knew it, it was time to cook dinner and then take a long walk with Joe and Rox.  Dinner was a crock pot brown sugar balsamic pork loin that I will post the recipe for later.  It was absolutely amazing!  Joe and I took a long walk after dinner around Chastane Park and then it was time to get packed for the weekend!

Saturday morning was an early morning as I headed to the airport to fly to California!  I have meetings in California all week, so since a great friend from college, Kristen, lives in Anaheim, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to explore some of Cali.  The day started off absolutely amazing when I got upgraded to first class for the 4 1/2 hour flight.  They served me breakfast and more snacks than I could ever eat.   I got a lot of work done on the flight, because what else would I do on such a long flight, and watched The Great Gadsby.  I could get use to this kind of treatment.  Due to the time change I got to Kristen's place around 11:30 or so, and we laid around for a bit before heading out for our afternoon hike.  We went to Peter's Canyon which is pretty much the desert.  We were feeling inspired and mapped a 6 mile hike, with no water (because I forgot mine at her house).  The hike was absolutely beautiful with a lot of hills and hot weather, but when we got to the finish we were glad to be done!  After getting home and showering we went to Kristen's coworker's house for drinks/food and before we knew it, it was late and time for bed (especially due to the time change).

Peter's Canyon Hike
We were both up and at it early in the morning and started the day with an amazing breakfast.  After breakfast we headed out for the day.  We started at Huntington Beach where we enjoyed some relaxation on the beach.  From there we headed to New Port Beach where we saw the cutest houses and relaxed on the beach a bit more before heading to Crystal Cove State Park for our hike for the day.  This hike was through the hills and we got some beautiful views of the water below and the hills surrounding us.  Once we were all done we walked just under 4 miles in beautiful weather that was a bit cooler than the day before.  The loop we did was an uphill hike the first half as you made it to the top of the hills then back down through the valleys so it was great to see the change in scenery.
Crystal Cove
Crystal Cove Hike
Beach Hopping in Cali
After the hike it was time to make it to the final destination of the day, Laguna Beach.  This is Kristen's favorite beach, and I now know why.  We grabbed an early dinner at a waterfront restaurant, OceanView Bar & Grill where we grabbed some amazing drinks and then for dinner split Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos and the Seafood Pasta which were both great!  I'm not sure which one I would order again if we went back.  After that we walked down the beach a bit and relaxed then watched the sun set into the water.  Laguna is so pretty because it has more of the rocks and boulders on the beaches making it beautiful to watch the sun set.  After the sun went down we headed to grab some gelato and had some amazing flavors.  I got green apple/lemon which reminded me of my many travels in Europe and Kristen got Oreo/Peanut butter Chocolate, and we pretty much ended up splitting both so that we could get the fruity and the sweet flavors.  Then it was time to head back and call it a night early so that we were both prepared for the week of work ahead of us.  I couldn't have asked for a better two days in Cali and I am so incredibly blessed to have such an amazing friend to host me.  I love the lifestyle here and quite frankly wouldn't mind living the beach lifestyle (some day!).  So now, it's time for a week of work out here in Cali before heading back to Atlanta late Friday night.  Happy Week Everyone!!!
Beautiful Sunset at Laguna

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