Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cruisin the Bahamas...

So after a crazy hectic week of traveling up to Boston, etc. it was finally time for vacation!!!  It had been quite some time since we had gone on vacation so it was just what I needed.  Since it was Labor Day weekend, it was nice because we could use less vacation days.  So, a couple months ago, 9 of us booked a 5 day 4 night cruise!  I flew from Boston directly to Jacksonville since everyone else was already in Jacksonville Wednesday night before the cruise.  After a quick night sleep, it was finally cruise time!

We ran to the grocery store and had some breakfast Thursday morning before heading over to the boat!  After an hour or so of security, etc we headed onto the boat!  We had preplanned and after unloading our stuff in the room, we headed up to the pool before getting our luggage.  After relaxing by the pool for a bit it was time to leave port so we did the safety training and then set sail!  After getting all of our luggage Joe and I unpacked while the others were up at the pool since there were so many of us in the room!  Before we knew it, it was time to get ready then head to dinner!  Dinner was amazing as always and I had escargot and salmon for dinner!  We knew that the following day was at sea so we took our time with dinner and then hung out at the casino and dance club the rest of the night.  It was a laid back day but since we had all been working all week it was a much needed break.
Full Car!

First night before dinner :)

I woke up in the morning before anyone and headed up to the gym to get a workout in before waking up the rest of the group.  I always love going to work out on the boat because it is a full glass gym and you can see the ocean.  We had a full day at sea so the gym was crowded but I got a great workout in before going to wake up everyone.  After everyone got up and moving we headed up for breakfast and then hit the pool to enjoy a long day of relaxing and laying out.  We had so much fun meeting new people and people watching and before we knew it, it was time to head to dinner!  This was our formal dinner so it took a bit longer to get ready and dressed!  After getting all dressed we took some pictures then headed to dinner.  Dinner was amazing with lobster tail, steak, and sooo much more!  After dinner Joe hit the casino for the evening and the night was over before we knew it!

pool day number 2

The whole crew
The Girls :)

The whole group at formal dinner night!
Boyfriend/Fiance Swap
One of my favorite pictures :)


This was our first day at a port, and we were at Nassau.  After getting a workout in the morning I woke everyone up and we ate breakfast before hitting the beach!  It was a bit of a walk but once we got to the beach the water was so clear and beautiful!  There were amazing drinks, great company, and perfect weather so we could not complain!  We weren't too interested in shopping so we hung out by the beach all day before heading back!  After a full day in the sun it was time for a nap before dinner!  After nap time we all got dressed and headed up to dinner!  Dinner was amazing as always and I at too much.  After quite a few appetizers I stuck to a burger with guacamole on it that was super tasty!  They also had my favorite desert, Tiramisu!!!After dinner it was football time!  It was amazing getting to watch the UGA/Clemson game on the boat.  Since we left from Jacksonville, there were a ton of UGA fans on the boat that Joe and I enjoyed stirring up a bit because they were losing!  We weren't really fully supportive of either team since I am very far from a Clemson fan since I grew up in SC and Joe grew up in GA hating UGA but it was fun getting people riled up since there weren't too many Clemson fans on the boat!  It was great to see such a good game to kick of football season (at GT won 70-0!)  After the game it was fairly late and we wanted to get a fairly early start the next day since we were at a port again.

Our Boat!
love these girls!

Favorite Picture of the Trip!

New Friends!
Just helping a friend in need!

Best Friends!
Sunday I got up and got a row workout in (hadn't done one in quite some time so it was rough) before getting off the boat and taking a taxi to Port Lucaya.  We thought it would be more exciting with shopping and everything but it was really hot so we didn't stay long.  We walked into a couple shops and by the water for a bit before deciding to head back to the boat and just hitting the pool!  We had such a fun time at the pool that day as the boat started making its way back to Jacksonville.  After some pool time Joe and I went and bought a desert that was amazing!  There was a cafe and it had white chocolate cylinders with cake in the middle that was layered with raspberry icing.  It was sooooooooo good and totally worth only $2.50!  After desert it was time to get ready for dinner slowly (and start packing a bit).  Dinner was probably my favorite option wise this night.  They had caprese salad, sushi, scallops, trout, and mushroom soup which were all amazing!  After dinner we hung out by the casino, learned to play craps, watched some magic, and packed up before heading to bed. The most exciting part of the night was seeing Ryan win 200$ in roulette then as we were walking out,  throw it all on red!  Literally two 100$ chip!  I almost had a heart attack but HE WON!!!

Does this look AMAZING of what!

Last night on the cruise!
The Girls!


 DAY 5
This was the last day on the boat so it was an early morning of packing and getting ready for the drive home.  After being in a crowded cabin I was quite ready to head home :)  After breakfast we headed off the boat with our luggage and hit the road to Atlanta.  Since we hit some traffic it took longer than we had hoped but we made it home and started laundry right away as I unpacked and packed for Chicago the following morning!  After getting caught up on emails we went to bed after a long and crazy couple days!  It was so nice seeing Rox and getting to cuddle with her even if it was only for one night!  Come morning time I was headed to Chicago for our sales meeting so it was going to be another crazy week!

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