Sunday, September 15, 2013

A week/weekend full of visitors!

This week was the first week I was not traveling for work so I was excited to have a relaxing weekend working from home.  It turned out to be quite the opposite.  After the internet going down on Monday, I went up to WIKA to get some work done and do a couple of meetings.  Monday night, we were having visitors, so after work, it was time to clean the house and get dinner ready!

Monday and Tuesday, Deck and Kayla, two friends and fellow athletes at Tech were staying with us while they looked for apartments in Atlanta.  They finished up their apartment search around 6:30 or so on Monday and headed to our place.  After a house tour, it was time to start cooking dinner.  Amanda, another track runner at Tech also lives down the road from us, so we invited her to join us for dinner!  We kept dinner simple, serving hamburgers, brats, asparagus, and stuffed mushrooms.  The stuffed mushroom recipe can be found here...SPINACH ARTICHOKE STUFFED MUSHROOMS.  We had so much fun relaxing, eating, and drinking some amazing wine up on the rooftop!  Before we knew it, it was time for bed.

Tuesday went by quick, and before I knew it, we were cooking dinner again!  Joe had to pick up some interviewees from the airport at 7 so he stopped by for appetizers and we planned on a later dinner.  For our appetizer we went with brie and blueberry jelly wrapped in a croissant.  It is incredibly simple and you will find the recipe below:

Brie Croissants:

Brie Pinwheel
1 packs croissant dough
1 to 1 1/2 cups jelly of your choice
Club crackers


Spread out the croissants and pinch together the seams to make a square.  Put the Brie in the center of the square/rectangle, then spread out desired amount of jelly on the top.  Pull up corners and encase the brie with the croissants.  Bake at 350 for 30 minutes (until croissant looks golden brown).  Serve warm with club crackers.

For dinner, we were making shrimp with mango salsa on the grill and it was amazing.  Here is the recipe...SHRIMP WITH MANGO SALSA.  It was so much fun having people to cook for and relax with after work, that we were sad to see Deck and Kayla go on Wednesday, but luckily they are moving in tomorrow!!!!  I am super excited to have some new neighbors :)

Wednesday evening Joe brought by some work colleagues for drinks at our place before we headed out for an experience of a lifetime when going to Johnnies Hideaway.  It is literally the most crazy places I have seen and I can now say I have been there, and most likely will never return until I am more appropriately aged!

Thursday evening was another night Joe brought by some work colleagues, but this time, Amanda had come into town so we talked our way out of going out.  Instead, we started the process of making ice cream cookies and baked a couple batches of cookies to stick in the freezer to complete on Friday.

The week went quick since I was taking Friday off for my hair and makeup trial.  Amanda came into town late Thursday evening to come with me to my hair and make up trial and since it was up in Roswell, we had an earlyish morning before heading up there.  Although I am still not 100% sold on what my hair will look like, it was such a fun experience, and then Kellie Ann and Amanda enjoyed a day of girl time!  After a long day we were ready to come home and relax and cook dinner/finish up some ice cream sandwiches before getting ready for the evening (Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe).  It was girls night Friday night, and Courtney had come into town at around 5 so we were ready for a good time.  Blaine, a coworker of mine, was joining us as well so after it seemed to be appropriate time to head out to the bars, we went to Ivy for some dancing and fun!  At Ivy, we were pleasantly surprised to meet up with Sam and Dem who were in town for the weekend!!!  We danced the night away and had such an amazing time and I cannot wait to do it again soon!  After leaving Ivy it was time for some yummmmmmy Waffle House hash browns before walking home.


He came :) :) :)


Amanda had to leave Saturday morning, so after she headed home, Courtney and I went for a long walk before going to Rocky Mountain Pizza to watch the Tech game with Sam, Mike V, and Nick!  Although we might have watched about 4 minutes of the game, it was a VERY entertaining time!  After getting home from watching the game, it was time for me to be a bit productive for the day and address save the dates!  After a couple hours of addressing save the dates, we realized that we were all VERY tired from the weekend so we headed up the the rooftop to hang out and enjoy the wine we had picked up at Mac's earlier in the day.  It was an early bed time for us since we all got sleepy, but we LOVED that Mike V came to visit and entertain us for a bit!

Sunset on the rooftop
Sunday was a relaxing day where Joe and I slept in!  After a lazy morning, we headed up to Joe's parents house to watch the Falcons game and eat dinner since we had not seen them in quite some time!  It was nice to have a little more relaxed day after such a crazy week and weekend and I am looking forward to one more week working from home before I hit the road traveling again!  So, with that, expect some new recipes this week!

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